LEGAL EAGLES & Attorney-Assisted Document Preparation Service

Legal Eagles offers an easy, cost-effective way for both individuals and couples to quickly file the legal paperwork needed to terminate a marriage, file for legal separation, and complete family law documentation. Maureen A. Faria created Legal Eagles to provide legal document preparation services to clients in the greater Rocklin area, although these documents can be filed anywhere in California. Many of these documents are complicated and confusing to file, but Legal Eagles makes it easy and fast.

Legal Eagles has extensive experience helping men and women file these documents quickly so they can make important decisions to move on with their lives easily, inexpensively, and with the peace of mind that their documents are being prepared confidently.

Simple, Easy Divorce: Uncontested Divorce Documents

You’ve agreed to get a divorce and have a general idea of how you want it to go, but you are not sure of your options, and not sure how to prepare and file the documents with the court. You want to know your rights but are afraid you can’t afford an attorney. Legal Eagles can help. At Legal Eagles, our attorney provides the legal advice you need, prepares your uncontested divorce paperwork, and then files all documents with the Court for you, for one low-cost flat fee. Legal Eagles makes it simple.

Unlike other divorce services, at Legal Eagles you are working with a family law and bankruptcy attorney rather than a paralegal or other document preparer. Our attorney meets with you to go over all the details of your case, providing valuable information you need regarding your rights and options. Obtaining this information (preferably before the case is filed) is essential when it comes to making informed legal decisions that will affect you and your family, now and into the future. These meetings can be between just you and the attorney, but may also have your spouse included. Our attorney then prepares all the required forms, as well as a detailed marital settlement agreement, and files them with the court. With Legal Eagles, you need never set foot in the courthouse.

If difficult financial issues are also involved, having the advantage of consulting with an experienced family law and bankruptcy lawyer prior to filing for divorce can be crucial in making decisions regarding the terms of your divorce and future financial well-being.

Having prepared thousands of uncontested divorce documents, we are able to offer this service for a very low-cost flat fee. At Legal Eagles, our goal is to get you through the process quickly, knowledgeably, and inexpensively. While divorce hurts, Legal Eagles strives to make the paperwork painless.

Other Legal Matters

In addition to uncontested divorce, we also provide document preparation assistance with numerous other family law matters:

  • -Legal separation
  • -Annulment
  • -Modification of the existing order
  • -Name changes

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Legal Eagles has extensive experience helping men and women file these documents quickly so they can make important decisions, and in some cases, move on with their lives. Contact our practice today to schedule your consultation (in-office, by phone, or via Zoom).

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Our goal is to guide you through the legal process to a successful resolution as amicably, quickly and inexpensively as possible.