Family Law / Divorce / Bankruptcy

A family law attorney practicing for over 30 years, Ms. Faria has represented thousands of clients. As one of Sonoma County’s top rated and longer established Divorce attorneys, she is well experienced in all aspects of such cases, including without limitation, the usual issues of child custody, child support, spousal support, and community property division. She is also well familiar with the more complicated type of cases concerning complex issues such as international child custody, business evaluations, and complicated tracing of assets. In addition to the above, she has handled numerous Family Law cases involving paternity, legal separation, domestic partnerships, step-parent adoption, guardianship, pre-nuptial agreements and domestic retraining orders. Frequently, difficult financial situations run hand in hand with Family law matters. As an experienced Bankruptcy attorney she brings an even higher level of review and insight to her cases to assure her client’s overall best interests are achieved.

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There is no better way to know if or how much legal help you might need until you actually talk with an attorney to find out. However, as with any area of the law, finding the right attorney can be a challenge. The first step, be it for bankruptcy advice, or to simply find the best divorce lawyer in your area, is to sit down and talk with one. This process provides you the opportunity to not only learn the necessary initial information you should have before you do anything legal, but allows you to determine for yourself if the attorney’s personality and philosophy for handling a case fits with yours. For that reason, we offer a free consultation to introduce ourselves, and provide you an opportunity to ask questions of us that you may have. This in turn allows you to come away with at least a preliminary understanding of your legal rights and options. Being comfortable in the knowledge that your attorney understands what it is you are wanting, is able to listen to your concerns, and is willing to guide you accordingly through the process, is essential to a successful resolution.

Family Law

“Family Law,” is a generic term commonly used to describe the body of law pertaining to the myriad of issues arising out of relationships between adults and/or children. Among the numerous issues we handle are:

  • (including Legal Separation and Annulment)

  • Child Support • Spousal Support


We assist individuals in obtaining debt relief under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code (“consumer liquidation”)

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Our goal is to guide you through the legal process to a successful resolution as amicably, quickly and inexpensively as possible.